An Owner’s Guide to Show Home to Buyers

Showing a home by the owner to buyers is not an easy task. While showing your home, you need to emotionally engage the buyer as the decision of buying depends more on emotions rather than on logic. The way you show the home to buyers, has a deep impact on their minds and can significantly affect their decision of buying. You need to show the home as such that the buyer heartily wants to buy your home. This can be done by highlighting the home’s   positive attributes. This article gives some tips to home owners, for showing their homes to buyers.

  • Give a Gracious Welcome:

Welcome the buyer graciously and do not make him/her feel like a guest. Instead, let the buyer imagine owning the house. The buyer should not be expected to remove the shoes before entering the home. Give the buyer some privacy to talk about the house. Do not linger around always, as the buyers would not discuss about the home among themselves in your presence. Never hurry or pressurize the buyer. Give him/her adequate time to decide. You can place a bowl containing wrapped candies or similar treats along with a small thank you note, to thank the buyer to come and see the home.

  • Check the Temperature:

Make your home temperature comfortable without worrying about the utility bills. If the temperature is too cold, turn on the heating equipment to keep the buyers warm. If the weather is hot, turn the air conditioning on. This relaxes the buyer, making him/her stay longer in the house.

  • Create a Mood:

Make the home environment feel good by lighting a fire at the fireplace. Turn on some soft music and turn on the water fountains, if you have. This keeps the traffic noise away.

  • Do not Use Scents:

Do not spray perfumes or air fresheners in the rooms, as the buyer may be allergic to them or do not like them. Also do not burn candles owing to the same reason. If the weather is fine and there is no noise outside, you can open the windows.

  • Add some visual elements:

You can display some seasonal photographs, if you have. You can showcase photographs of snow-covered lawn, colorful flowers and leaves and flower gardens. Brighten up the rooms by opening all window coverings. Close those blinds that may show some undesirable scenery outdoors like a dilapidated fence and the likes.

  • Make the house adequately lighted:

Turn on all the lights of your home including the closet lights and appliance lights. If you have dark rooms in the home with few windows, brighten them up by putting spot lights on floor behind the furniture.

  • Let the buyer touch your home:

Cover your armchairs and furniture with sensuous fabrics like silk or velvet. Let the buyers touch them, if they want to.

After showing your home to the buyers, do not forget to offer them some delicious food items. This may include desserts, cookies, finger sandwiches, soft drinks etc. This is very helpful to create a good impression on the buyers. You can get more suggestions on home selling from Real estate agent St James.


Proper home showing plays a major role in the sale of your home. With the above mentioned tips you can certainly persuade buyers to purchase your home at a good profit.

Godwin Moses is a well known author writes articles on Real estate agent St James and several topics. He contributes his writing for the website


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