How to Photograph Properties for Sale

Selling a house was all about the “curb appeal” earlier. It was all about that first impression conveyed by a house when the potential buyers looked at it. A house which did not look attractive from street did not sell. Nowadays, the house’s “pix appeal” or aesthetic appeal in photos posted on the online listings holds a lot of importance. Majority of homebuyers use the internet for searching homes in the present times. Almost 25% homebuyers said that it is the internet where they have found the house they have purchased. House hunters are unlikely to go for seeing a house if they do not get to see the photos at first. Hence, it is important for sellers to photograph well their properties for sale in Carlisle.

Here are some tips to photograph your house properly so as to lure buyers:

Lighten up:


While shooting the house’s exterior, take photos in the daytime when sun shines brightly and sky has a blue color. When shooting the interior, switch on all lights of the house and use a flash while taking pictures. The flash allows the proper colors to come in the images and fills the shadows, allowing the rooms to appear brighter.

Click more images:

Homebuyers prefer to see many photos of a house. They like to see photos apart from just the house’s front. Click more and more photos of the backyard, bathroom, master bedroom, family room, dining room, kitchen and living room. Include the best features of your house in the photos like exercise room or a home theater.

Most of the “Multiple Listing Services” permit you topmost multiple photos in the online listings. Classified sites also allow sellers to post about four images. In the case of apartments and condos, take pictures of amenities like gym, tennis court and pool. If your house has a spectacular view, such as of a golf course, park, mountains, lake or beach, post its pictures by all means.

Take clear shots:

De-clutter an area prior to photographing it. Remove distractions like dirty dishes, children’s toys, fridge magnets and stuff, which may reduce the appeal of the photos. Investsometime in removingunnecessarythingsandarrangingthenecessarythingsproperly. When taking outside shots remove the garbage cans, and relocate the car placed on the driveway, avoid including other homes, telephone poles and wires in the scene.

Get the help of a pro:

If you wish to take the help of an agent, see his photography first. Check out whether or not the agency employs professional property photographers. Many agencies use pros with no extra cost to house sellers. In case you plan to sell without the help of an agent, and are not that good with camera, consider getting the assistance of a professional property photographer. Take a close look at the samples provided by photographers and enquire their experience prior to making a choice.

These tips would be helpful for sellers offering their properties for sale in Carlisle. Great photographs can speak volumes about your house and make buyers want to visit your house in-person.

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